Editorial Board



  • Maris Lauri – Member of the Riigikogu, Estonian Reform Party
  • Enn Eesmaa – Member of the Riigikogu, Estonian Centre Party
  • Raul Narits – Professor of Comparative Law, University of Tartu
  • Jaak Aaviksoo – Rector, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Anu Toots – Professor of Comparative Public Policy, Tallinn University
  • Kaire Põder – Vice Rector for Studies, Estonian Business School
  • Priit Suve – Professor, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
  • Henry Kattago – Strategy Director, Government Office of Estonia
  • Antero Habicht – Head of Legal and Research Department, Riigikogu
  • Rita Hillermaa – Leading Specialist, Parliamentary Information Centre of the National Library of Estonia
  • Ivo Juurvee – Research Fellow, International Centre for Defence and Security
  • Meelis Kitsing – Research Manager, Foresight Centre