No. 6




Amending the law on rules of order

17 December 2002


RiTo No. 6, 2002

  • Heiki Sibul

    Chairman of the National Electoral Committee of the Republic of Estonia

  • Aaro Mõttus

    Adviser to the Board of the Riigikogu

Analyzing the Riigikogu’s law on the rules of order from a technical and logistical aspect (structure, optimization of regulations) and standard practice as it has evolved based on the law – all compared to mechanisms used in other European legislatures – inevitably summons thoughts of how to change the law.

The present article was in fact written by way of brief introduction of ideas how to make the law on the rules of order more complete and, through it, shape the Riigikogu organization, working arrangement and procedure into one that is more in line with society’s needs. The article highlights bottlenecks that the writers feel have emerged in the current law and consequently in working practice, and offer suggestions as to possible regulation of these areas.

The writers feel that the structure as well as the content of the law needs to be changed. The best way would be to scrap the old law. The above positions constitute a vision of how the most central problems of the Riigikogu’s working arrangement could be resolved. Let it be said again here that the vision is based on analysis of bottlenecks and also comparative study of the rules of other European legislatures.

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