No. 13




The Council of the European Union seeks common interests

  • Urmas Paet

    Minister of Foreign Affairs, Estonian Reform Party

The Council of the European Union is the primary decision-maker of the communities, and includes ministers from all member states. Step by step, the European Union is becoming a stronger player on the world stage in the author’s field of expertise—the foreign policy of the Council. In this work, Estonia pays much attention to European Union policy toward neighbouring countries.

In the framework, we can contribute to continuing democratic developments primarily in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Having travelled the same road as these countries are now, we can share our experience and knowledge with them regarding both current and forthcoming difficulties and problems, the necessity and nature of reforms. The European Union should indeed change toward greater openness in foreign relations, have a longer-term vision and continue expanding the borders of the Union. We, the recent newcomers, should say as much everywhere, with a clear and loud voice. European Union enlargement means broadening of the stability and well-being zone, which is a good and right thing in everyone’s interests.

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