Katre Pall

Ministry of Social Affairs, manager of benefits policy



  • Wiping out Poverty in Great Britain

    15 June 2005


    RiTo No. 11, 2005

    The primary goal of the government of Great Britain is to give everyone the opportunity to escape the clutches of poverty and social exclusion, and a long-term antipoverty strategy has been designed.

  • Society Research Helps Guide Family Policy

    18 December 2003


    RiTo No. 8, 2003

    Socio-demographic changes have forced the architects of social policy to seek better family policy solutions for society's new needs. The article is based on the findings of the 2003 study IPROSEC (Improving Policy Responses and Outcomes to Socio-Economic Challenges: changing family structures, policy and practice) funded as part of the European Commission's Framework Programme 5 and conducted from 2000-2003. Eleven countries took part in the study, 8 of them EU members (Spain, Ireland, Italy, Greece, France, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom) and three candidate states (Estonia, Poland, Hungary).