Andu Rämmer

Andu Rämmer

PhD, Associate Professor of Youth Studies, Division of Social Studies, University of Tartu Narva College



  • Life-course of Young People Is Reflected*

    14 December 2023


    RiTo No. 48, 2023

    Researchers have paid particular attention to the study of young people’s values, as a person’s value system is formed through socialisation into their everyday living environment and wider society.

    * Peer-reviewed article

  • Values of Young People are Reflected in their Migration Behaviour*

    14 December 2022


    RiTo No. 46, 2022

    Opportunities for people of Estonia to move internationally for work or study purposes have increased significantly over the past few decades, affecting the migration behaviour of the younger generation in particular.

    * Peer-reviewed article. The research was funded by the Postimees Foundation under the Young Estonia POST23 and POST214 research grants.

  • Youth Centered Approach and Its Application Model N-TELG*

    06 June 2022


    RiTo No. 30, 2014

    Specialist literature qualifies the forms and quality of activities that are needed and appropriate for young people with terms like youth-friendlyyouth-focusedyouth-centered, and youth-responsive. Yet the concept of “youth-centeredness” or “youth-centered approach” has not been conceptualised unambiguously in the context of services or activities offered to young people. And although youth-centered approach has not been clearly defined in research literature, young people are treated as fully formed individuals with rights and active agency in shaping their lives.

    * Peer-reviewed article.

  • ESSDA Spreads Information about Changing Society

    In law-making there can often arise a need for information on social problems. Such information can be obtained from the Estonian Social Science Data Archive (ESSDA) in Tartu. ESSDA is an interdisciplinary centre at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Tartu which also functions as a national archive of social sciences. ESSDA’s aim is to guarantee the maintenance and use of social information gathered in Estonia and about the Estonian society, as well as integrate Estonian social scientists into international social information networks.