Indrek Tammeaid

CEO at Finsight Ltd., Entrepreneur, business angel and innovation expert



  • Stimuli Have to Be Changed to Change Estonia’s Development Model

    04 June 2018


    RiTo No. 37, 2018

    The article asks what the possibilities and stimuli for moving towards knowledge economy are in Estonia today, and how to create such stimuli. Estonia can choose between market-based and coordinated market economy models, and in the case of the latter, it has to be decided whether the coordinator is the state, the social partners or large corporations. International comparison shows that coordinated systems develop more rapidly, and it seems that as a result of the market-based model, education, research and production systems all develop in their own way in Estonia.

  • Product development is inevitable

    08 June 2016


    RiTo No. 33, 2016

    When analysing the economic growth of Estonia that has slowed down, and the factors that influence the growth of productivity, it is inevitable to pay greater attention to the issues of product development. If product development is scarce, the goods produced and exported remain valued lower, and there is no movement from the raw material based economic model to the innovation model with greater added values.