No. 38




How Do You Know That the Climate Is Warming?

10 December 2018


RiTo No. 38, 2018

  • Tuul Sepp

    Member of the Estonian Young Academy of Sciences, Research Fellow in Animal Ecology, University of Tartu

  • Kajar Köster

    Kajar Köster

    Eesti Noorte Teaduste Akadeemia liige, Helsingi Ülikooli juhtivteadur

  • Rainer Küngas

    Rainer Küngas

    Eesti Noorte Teaduste Akadeemia liige, Haldor Topsøe A/S juhtiv arendusinsener

“How do you know it?” is a simple question. Answering it might turn out to be more complicated, requiring comprehensive knowledge of the scientific literature on the topic.

It might not be easy for politicians to find time for this in the busy period before elections. However, climate change and carbon emissions are topics that the next parliament will have to tackle in one way or another. This article aims to provide a short overview of the state-of-the art of the science of climate change, to help politicians get a quick overview of the topic, to be able to answer the simple “How do you know it?” question. In addition to giving a short overview of the scientific facts reported in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) latest report, we present policy recommendations, explaining how bold steps towards a carbon-neutral energy sector could improve Estonia’s international reputation, promote cross-talk between science, policy-making and environmentalism, and create new jobs to replace those lost in oil shale industry.