No. 11




The future cooperation of the Baltic states from the perspective of the Baltic Assembly

  • Valerijus Simulik

    vice-president of the Baltic Assembly, leader of the Lithuanian delegation

Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia are three rapidly developing countries in the Baltic Sea region: partners not connected so much by historical experience but by aims, ambitions and hopes for the future.

The activity of the Baltic Assembly to date demonstrates the uniqueness of political relations in this region. The coordinated policy of the Baltic States has allowed and continues to allow their aims to be presented to the rest of the world as the common and definite position of the Baltic States. The Baltic Assembly has reached maturity and is currently regarded as not only an advisory body, but an active and effectively functional organization. Now that the Baltic States are members of the European Union and NATO, the Baltic Assembly is considering the need to expand trilateral cooperation into other regions, using the “3+” form of cooperation. One example is the cooperation with the countries of the Balkans and the southern Caucasus.

Above all, cooperation between the three Baltic States means supporting each other in a dynamically developing Europe.

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