Rein Murakas

Director, University of Tartu Estonian Social Science Data Archive



  • Estonian Higher Educational Policy

    17 December 2009


    RiTo No. 20, 2009

    The main objective of the article is to identify untapped potential for shaping Estonia’s higher educational policy offered by databases of research studies in the Estonian Research Information System ETIS and the Estonian Social Science Data Archive (ESSDA).

  • ESSDA Spreads Information about Changing Society

    In law-making there can often arise a need for information on social problems. Such information can be obtained from the Estonian Social Science Data Archive (ESSDA) in Tartu. ESSDA is an interdisciplinary centre at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Tartu which also functions as a national archive of social sciences. ESSDA’s aim is to guarantee the maintenance and use of social information gathered in Estonia and about the Estonian society, as well as integrate Estonian social scientists into international social information networks.