No. 6




Milestones in the development of the volunteer sector

  • Andres Siplane

    Andres Siplane

    Chief Specialist, Department of Sanctions and Strategic Export Control, Ministry of Foreign

As of November 1, 2002, there were 17,775 registered non-profit organizations in Estonia.

Over the last two years the wages and number of jobs have doubled. On average, more than one new foundation is established per year per 1,000 people. But next to the above positive developments: over a couple days in November 2001, exactly a hundred environmental organizations were registered at two addresses in Rakvere and Kuressaare. So, such is the situation in the so-called third sector.

These trends can be seen as positive as long as they have not come at the expense of other sectors. The fact that a state-run hospital became a non-profit organization is, for example, not necessarily good or bad news by itself.

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