No. 1




Legal Expertise on the Constitution: Objectives, Organisation of Work, Results

15 June 2000


RiTo No. 1, 2000

The article presents the organisation of work, objectives and results of the committee of experts set up by the Government in the years 1996 – 1998.

The author who served as chairman of the committee, presents his assessment of the work of the committee and introduces some of the main proposals made by the committee for amending the Constitution. The committee submitted a report with its conclusions to the constitutional committee of the Riigikogu who should decide on the possible amendment of the Constitution. The article gives an overview of the main proposals for amendment by dividing them into three groups. First, proposals for amendments by which the provisions of the Constitution would be specified, making them more complete and removing gaps and ambiguities. Second, proposals for amendments which are aimed at the organisation of rules regulating the constitutional institutions. It concerns first and foremost the naming of institutions, and their competencies. The third group includes proposals which contain fundamental changes in the organisation of state and the legal system. This group also includes proposals in connection with the possible accession of Estonia to the European Union.

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