No. 22




Quality Management and Its Implementation in the Public Management

15 December 2010


RiTo No. 22, 2010

  • Heino Levald

    Candidate of Technology, Doctor of Economics, founding member of the Estonian Association for Quality

The article introduces the story of the development and the basic concepts of quality and the quality management, and the standard systems DIN and ISO.

The old member states of the European Union are engaging in the quality management in the public sector for a long time already and most of them went through the stage of ISO-based quality management already in the last century. Estonia regained independence as late as in 1991 and, in the public management, knowledge about the essence and necessity of the quality management and of the opportunities of implementing it is scarce, especially in local governments. In order to change the situation, improving of the public management should be begun by developing and implementing an ISO-based quality management system which will then create preconditions for implementation of the CAF-method and other new methods for improving the management quality. It is possible to apply for assistance from the state through the State Chancellery. The quality management is not complicated in essence; it only takes initiative and use of consultative assistance where necessary. The inventions related to the development of organisations offered by the author of the article are also waiting to be implemented.

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