No. 11




The Estonian university in an open Europe. White room forum

  • Siiri Sillajõe

    Deputy Head of the Research Department, Chancellery of the Riigikogu

The Riigikogu’s European Union affairs committee has initiated dialogue with the public at the parliamentary level on future strategies and development scenarios for the Estonian state and society.

The white room forum ( consists of two parts: a round-table session and an Internet forum. The topic of the first forum concerned Estonian universities’ role in an open Europe. In position papers sent to the forum for discussion, representatives from Estonia’s universities described the situation regarding higher education and presented their vision of the future. At the public session held in the White Room on 22 April 2005, there was more thorough talk about higher educational funding, domestic competition and the ability of higher education to be internationally competitive. The politicians and representatives from universities who took part in the discussion found that cooperation, rather than competition, between universities was becoming more and more important; and that the key issue for continued development was the existence of a national higher educational strategy.

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