No. 7




Government agreements over the years

11 June 2003


RiTo No. 7, 2003

Estonia is used to coalition agreements being the programmatic basic documents of the mutual agreements between the political forces in the governing coalition.

Pre-WWII Estonia handled such issues somewhat differently, but back then, too, most senior leaders addressed the Riigikogu with long declarations, thus apprising the public of the duties that would be undertaken by the government. Edgar Savisaar’s program for his 1990 government can be deemed the first thorough program-type document of the modern era. The first stylistically pure tripartite coalition agreement was signed by Pro Patria, the National Independence Party and the Mõõdukad in fall 1992. The agreement signed after these latest elections by the troika of Res Publica, Reform Party and the People’s Union can be compared to the lengthy programs of the early 1990s in terms of its size and detail.

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