Ruth Annus

Doctoral Candidate of State and Political Science, Tallinn University



  • Possibilities and Risks of Multiple Citizenship

    19 December 2012


    RiTo No. 26, 2012

    Establishing a citizenship regime is a very complex matter where one has to find the best possible balance between human rights, the functioning of the state as a whole, and a practical administrative solution. One also has to consider what kind of solutions are legitimate enough in the given social space of values and actions. The European states are of different opinions on the matter of allowing or prohibiting multiple citizenship.

  • Estonia’s Options and Choices in Making Immigration Policy

    17 December 2009


    RiTo No. 20, 2009

    Every country has a sovereign right to shape its own immigration policy. Each country has to decide which aliens it allows on its territory and for what reason. By joining international organizations and entering into foreign treaties, under which the state assumes obligations toward individuals, a country places restrictions on its sovereign right to decide its immigration policy.