No. 4




Party-based presidential elections

19 December 2001


RiTo No. 4, 2001

This time the presidential elections turned out to be clearly party-based. This may be considered as an indication of maturity of the Estonian political landscape and of the strength of the political parties.

During and after the elections, the complexity of the electoral system and its bias toward rural regions was a topic for discussion. The electoral system is indeed illogical, although this was known before to all the candidates and thus was equally illogical for all. Continuing to wave fists after a fight demonstrates either a lack of political culture or a deep disappointment. If the political parties operating in Estonia keep their promises and do not retreat from their position on political-tactical considerations, the Electoral Assembly will have elected the President of the Republic for the last time. The next President, to be elected in 2006, will probably gain his or her mandate directly from the people. Any obstacles to this have been removed, it appears, and objections refuted.

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