Erik Terk

Erik Terk

Professor of Strategic Management and Future Studies, Tallinn University



  • Geo-economic Shifts and Estonia’s Changing Playground *

    04 June 2018


    RiTo No. 37, 2018

    The article compares three possible paradigms for explaining the processes taking place in global economy and macroregions: globalisation-centred, geopolitical and geo-economic paradigms. Their focus topics are dealt with, and the limits of their explanatory capacities for comprehending the processes that are going on are discussed. It is found that although globalisation continues, the normative type of globalisation-centred approach, which requires that the states move to the background is not longer sufficient. Business and technology centred globalisation has setbacks, it can be noticed that the states have started to make stronger attempts to curb globalisation (neo-mercantilism, certain protectionist tendencies, in Ian Bremmer’s terminology: gated globalisation).

    * The article is written in cooperation of the author and the Foresight Centre of the Riigikogu.

  • How to Measure the Society?

    The Riigikogu Toimetised conversation circle on 28 May discussed the Estonian Human Development Report.

  • Estonian Development Fund – on the road to the next economy

    The Estonian Development Fund, whose founding was governed by an act passed on 15 November 2006 by the Riigikogu, was in principle created to fulfil two functions: to help the state make long-term strategic decisions – fulfilling the so-called future monitoring function and supporting the financing of innovative, high-risk ideas.