No. 2




The Fight Against Drugs is Complicated

31 October 2000


RiTo No. 2, 2000

The current Estonian drug policy is based on the “Alcoholism and drug prevention programme for 1997-2007” approved by the Government in 1997. The prevention of drug-abuse and combating of drug-related crime is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs proceeds from the following principles in its drug policy: drugs will not be legalised, emphasis will be on effective detection and punishment of drug traffickers, illegal manufacturers and intermediaries, and on preventive work among the youth.

The Ministry considers it important to organise preventive work in local authorities, as well as treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

In recent years, registration of drug-related offences has risen significantly but at the same time little attention has been given to consumers of drugs. From the point of view of combating crime, minor offences should also not be overlooked, and in this respect the field police will have a more important role to fulfil in the future.

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Tarmo Loodus, born 1958, teacher, Tallinn Pedagogical University 1988, additional training: 1994- Tallinn Pedagogical University, qualification of development consultant. Work: 1986-89 director of Pärnajõe Basic School; 1989-96 director of C. R. Jakobson Gymnasium; 1996-99 Viljandi Mayor; since November 1999 Minister of Internal Affairs. Affiliation: Pro Patria Union, Lions Club.