No. 16




Compiling the Development Plan for Use of Oil Shale: a Lesson in Extensive Involvement

19 December 2007


RiTo No. 16, 2007

  • Agnes Jürgens

    adviser to the Public Relations Department, Ministry of the Environment

Oil shale is a strategic natural asset for Estonia which ensures independence for the state in the field of energy.

Unfortunately, the state´s interest in using oil shale resources was to this point undefined. To close this gap, a draft national development plan was prepared on the basis of a government decision and organized by the Ministry of Environment, which was seen by Ministry personnel in hindsight as a tense lesson in involving different interested parties. This development plan was not namely drawn up in the silence of some ministry office, but prepared in front of everybody, with many institutions and interest groups participating. Among other things, the topic of oil shale utilization was thoroughly discussed in public, as more than 600 articles were published in the press on the topic.

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