Tõnis Kõiv

Member of the Riigikogu, head of the Estonian delegation to the IPU (Estonian Reform Party)



  • Representing Estonia at the World Parliamentary Forum

    For the past two years, the Estonian delegation to the IPU has acted according to the following principle: each trip that an Estonian parliamentarian makes abroad should leave a positive trace, introduce Estonia, spread the knowledge that we are a small but good country, that our people are smart, and that Estonia is home to many good things that help make the world a better place. During the IPU Assembly in Uganda in 2012 and in Ecuador in 2013, the head of the Estonian delegation spoke of the „Let’s do it!” campaign that originated in Estonia and was first known in the world as Let’s do it World and is now known as World Cleanup. All the fifty thousand Estonian people who cleaned up Estonia within one Saturday in May 2008 can be proud of what has become of this Estonian campaign: as it spread to over 96 countries all over the world, Estonia became increasingly known as a successful and progressive country.

  • Anyone might need social protection

    Riigikogu Toimetised invited three experts of social policy to the conversation circle of 27 May, in order to discuss Estonia’s social policy and social system: how our social system has developed, what the priorities of Estonia’s social security are, and what challenges the social system faces because of the economic recession.