No. 1




Associations of Former Members of Parliament in Europe and Japan

  • Kai Priks

    Adviser to the Department of Economic and Social Information, Chancellery of the Riigikogu

  • Kaarel Haav

    Doctor of Psychology, educational sociologist, expert of curricula

Informal or officially registered associations of former MPs are a widespread practice in the world. Gatherings of these associations are officially arranged in the form of annual meetings, but also series of lectures, visits within one’s own country and abroad may be organised.

The activities of the associations are normally financed from membership fees. The present article introduces the activities of the associations of former parliamentarians in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, and Poland. In Estonia, there is also an organisation uniting former parliamentarians. It is the so-called “20th of August Club” including the members of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia who voted on 20 August 1991 for the resolution of the Supreme Council “On the National Independence of Estonia”. Yet, it is still too early to talk in Estonia about organisations similar to the organisations of former parliamentarians in the above countries of Europe. Moreover, among the members of the “20th of August Club” are also several of the present members of the Riigikogu. See also:

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