No. 26




A Glance on the Recent Census

19 December 2012


RiTo No. 26, 2012

In the author’s opinion, the trends that characterise the development of population in Estonia at present generally are not positive.

This was also confirmed by the population and housing census of 2011 – the number of people is decreasing, the population is aging and natural birth rate is negative. Although the natural birth rate practically reached zero in 2010, further changes are not so positive. The second reason for the decrease of population is migration, to be more exact – the negative balance of emigration. Inside the country, the population gathers around the capital and borderlands are emptying. But these are not any unprecedented or extraordinary phenomena, because relatively similar development trends can be noted in several other developed countries, including the neighbours of Estonia. Although the census has shown that all trends characterising the development of the population of Estonia during the recent years have been continuous, it should be considered important that thanks to the census, our general knowledge was complemented by detailed estimations in numbers, which are necessary for planning of several measures. All these trends should be treated as challenges to the Estonian society and especially to politicians. Managing or even turning the current negative processes is possible, but requires common efforts.

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