No. 38




Transnationalisation as an Option in Population Policy

05 December 2018


RiTo No. 38, 2018

Besides the number of population, the connections of people with Estonia are also important in population policy.

The states have tried to use different approaches for solving the problem of keeping contact with the emigrants, and shaping of cohesion in the country to integrate the immigrants and ensure the functioning of society in a wider sense. In today’s open world, this is done in the context of transnationalism, or the widening of ways of cross-border life, thinking and activity. Here we need innovative approaches that may be called governing of transnationalism. The article describes the main characteristics of transnationalism, the possibilities and challenges of governing and metagoverning it, and various strategies of transnationalism policy. The possibilities and choices of Estonia are discussed in the light of the Fundamentals of the Population Policy until 2035, which were drafted in 2018. As the governing of transnationalism greatly depends on the cooperation of different actors, it is necessary to pay considerably more attention to shaping of institutions and governing solutions.