No. 22




Village people have their say

  • Katrin Uudeküll

    Member of Management Board of Estonian Village Movement Kodukant, leader of village life in Uudeküla

People who live in rural areas find that the organisers of the life in Estonia and the decision-makers should more often go to rural municipalities and villages to see the circumstances and to listen to people, give advice on the spot and organise information days and trainings there.

This expectation was revealed by an internet poll which the Estonian Village Movement Kodukant organised among the people living in villages at the beginning of 2010. The aim of the poll was to map the current situation and problem issues of villages and the village movement. 162 village movement activists from all over Estonia sent their responses. Among other things, respondents were asked to make proposals on their part on how to better organise the communication between the county associations of the village movement Kodukant and villages. Responses suggested that all possible channels be used because every channel has its own users. Most people in rural areas are also ready to receive and seek information through the Internet, both by e-mail and by visiting websites. At the same time, it was found that important topics and important information should also be communicated in local newspapers and radio, besides the abovementioned channels.

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