No. 38, December 2018

Integrated Employment and Population Projection: Challenges for Estonia until 2100 Allan Puur, Raul Eamets, Magnus Piirits and Martin Klesment

Adjustment to Population Ageing as the Key Challenge of Population Policy Lauri Leppik, Luule Sakkeus, Liili Abuladze and Tiina Tambaum

Motherhood and the Lifeworld of Mothers Tiiu Kuurme

Transnationalisation as an Option in Population Policy Leif Kalev and Mari-Liis Jakobson

Labour Market 2035. Future Trends and Scenarios on Labour Market Johanna Vallistu

Riigikogu 100 Eiki Nestor

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Editor-in-Chief’s Column

  • Today, One Hundred Years Ago and One Hundred Years After

    The current Riigikogu, that will soon terminate its activities, has considered the issue of population a very important topic nationally, and has formed a special committee, the Study Committee to Solve the Demographic Crisis, to deal with it. This Committee has drawn public attention to the problem, and has cooperated with the universities and researchers to hear recommendations on how to resolve the situation. This issue of Riigikogu Toimetised, which focuses on the demographic problems of Estonia, publishes some studies that are the result of the work of the Committee.

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  • Withering of the Parliament – Changes in the Foreign Policy Competence of the Pre-War Riigikogu*

    05 December 2018


    RiTo No. 38, 2018

    The article analyses what was the competence of the parliament in shaping and implementing foreign policy in the Republic of Estonia in 1918–1939 like in comparison with other institutions of state authority, and assesses whether the Parliament could perform the foreign policy tasks, obligations and rights provided by the law. During the period under discussion, several major legislative and political changes took place in the division of foreign policy competence.

    * The article is based on the author’s Master’s thesis “Political and Legal Competence of the Estonian Parliament in Foreign Policy 1917–1940”, which was defended at the University of Tartu in 2018 and was awarded August Rei Scholarship in Parliamentary Studies.


History of the Parliament