Heiki Sibul

Chairman of the National Electoral Committee of the Republic of Estonia



  • Challenges of the organization of Estonian elections *

    17 December 2009


    RiTo No. 20, 2009

    Even though the organization of elections in Estonia is based primarily on the enthusiasm of the election organizers who do this work as a additional job, we have managed in two decades to complete the building of a reliable and modern electoral system that is capable from an information technology and technical standpoint of making use of lists of registered voters.
    *The article is based on the report of the author delivered at the conference „Elections and Governing in Information Society” on 20 November 2009. See also Maandi, K. (1995). Elections and Referendums in Estonia 1989–1995.

  • Amending the law on rules of order

    17 December 2002


    RiTo No. 6, 2002

    Analyzing the Riigikogu's law on the rules of order from a technical and logistical aspect (structure, optimization of regulations) and standard practice as it has evolved based on the law - all compared to mechanisms used in other European legislatures - inevitably summons thoughts of how to change the law.

  • Toompea Castle becomes Parliament Building

    In the life of the Estonian Parliament, an important change has taken place in 2000 – the Government of the Republic moved out of the Toompea castle into a building at Rahukohtu 3 on Toompea Hill, and thus the separation of legislative and executive power has been effected also on the physical and geographical level.

  • Preface

    Dear Reader of the Riigikogu Toimetised.