No. 4




Discussion of the Concept of Development of the Estonian Civil Society in the Riigikogu

  • Andres Siplane

    Andres Siplane

    Chief Specialist, Department of Sanctions and Strategic Export Control, Ministry of Foreign

On the Riigikogu’s anniversary on 23 April 2001, a significant document – Conception of Development of the Estonian Civil Society (CDECS) – was submitted to the Board of the Riigikogu.

The Riigikogu Toimetised (Journal of the Estonian Parliament) has observed the formation of this conception since its very first issue. Discussion of the sophisticated relationships between the state and civil society will soon be put on the agenda of the Riigikogu as a nationally important issue. Following the discussions of the work of the redaction service in three Committees and the Fractions of the Riigikogu, a resolution of initiation of a nationally important issue will be made by the Riigikogu, and the processing of the CDECS project will begin like the processing of other project resolutions on the agenda of the Riigikogu. There are reasons to assume that the discussion of the CDECS will be a lively one, both at the plenary assembly of the Riigikogu and in its Committees and corridors, as representatives of hundreds of non-profit organisations, associations, and professional unions have participated in the preparatory process of the CDECS since 1998. The problem is how to achieve consensus, as a result of broad discussion of different political groups and non-governmental organisations, as an answer to the question: Quo vadis, our rainbow-coloured and mosaic-patterned civil society?

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