No. 13




Energy efficiency – how to do more with less. White Hall forum

  • Toivo Mängel

    Riigikogu Chancellery Economic and Social Information Department, adviser

  • Siiri Sillajõe

    Deputy Head of the Research Department, Chancellery of the Riigikogu

The third Riigikogu White Hall forum, held in early March at the initiative of the Riigikogu’s European Union Affairs Committee, was devoted to energy problems, the primary point of departure being the issues raised in the European Commission green book.

It was found that Europe needs a single approach in energy issues, since if dependence on imports remains as great as it is right now, then we cannot wait around for the next crisis to occur. In furthering energy conservation on the level of the home consumer, new European Union member states in particular should consider, as a social measure, how conservation is related to the standard of living. In Estonia, energy conservation policy to this point can be categorized as a standalone policy with very weak tie-ins to other policies. In order to change this situation, making energy use more efficient is to be an energy development priority in the long-term state development plan for fuel and energy economy up to 2015.

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