No. 33




Estonia needs a systematic approach to bowels of the Earth: academic summary with practical conclusions

08 June 2016


RiTo No. 33, 2016

  • Dimitri Kaljo

    Member of the Academy, Tallinn University of Technology, Institute of Geology, Specialist

  • Erik Puura

    University of Tartu, Vice-Rector for Development Doctor of Science

  • Alvar Soesoo

    Tallinn University of Technology, Institute of Geology, Professor, University of Tartu, Visiting Professor

The economic potential of Estonian geology and mineral resources is much greater than is put to good use daily. One obstacle has been the inadequate organisation of geological research and survey.

A possible source of change could be the Strategy on the Bowels of the Earth that is currently being developed at the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment and by a decision of the Government of the Republic. Our recommendation to the work group is not to immerse itself in the details; instead, it should leave aside everything inconsequential to the vision, and concentrate on solving the main issues. These include, most importantly, the attribution of institutional control over geology and mineral resources (either to the Ministry of the Environment, or the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications), and the restoration of the national geological survey. The authors have reached the conclusion that different solutions are possible under different circumstances; however, the common thread is a significant increase in the leading role and responsibility of the state, as well as an increased attention of universities to applied geological research. The latter should also involve certain measures that create premises in the organisation of scientific research in Estonia.

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