No. 17




The Need for Public Procurement-related Training

18 June 2008


RiTo No. 17, 2008

  • Jarlo Dorbek

    Public Procurement Specialist, Legal Division of the Ministry of Justice

According to several institutions, the public procurement area has quite a few problems.

The author used a questionnaire to ascertain how the officials of the corresponding area in state authorities and local government authorities are satisfied with public procurement-related training. Investment in the training of public procurement organisers is especially important, if we consider that the expenses incurred through these officials make up 30% of the state budget. The survey reveals quite some dissatisfaction with the training. Training sessions are mainly organised in the form of shared training, while the trainees wish to participate in differentiated training and replace theoretical training with more practical training. Trainees are also dissatisfied with the public procurement-related study materials and guidelines, as these contain no examples or sample documents. To remedy the situation, we must start organising public procurement training in accordance with the systematic training principles (map the needs, organise training on the basis of these needs, and evaluate the results) and co-ordinating the training activity on the state level. We must focus on practical tasks and involve practicians as trainers. We should also consider preparing sample public procurement documentation. The resources invested in public procurement-related training are several times smaller than the damage caused by incompetent public procurement organisers.

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