Enno Mõts

Colonel, Commandant of Estonian National Defence College, Rector



  • What kind of impact will emerging technologies have on the armed forces over the next 10 years? *

    07 December 2017


    RiTo No. 36, 2017

    The article proceeds from the observance that technology is developing ever more rapidly, and applied science has an unquestionable impact on the processes in society and the lives of individuals, bringing along notable changes in the perspective of a decade, not a century. The focal research question discussed is in which sectors the emerging technologies will find military application and how much it will influence warfighting over the next 10 years.

    * The article is a shorter version of the argumentative essay in English by the author, with the same title, which contains references to the sources of all statements and facts reflected here. In comparison to the original text, several sub-topics and arguments have been omitted due to restrictions on length, but on the other hand, some new ideas have been added. The presented military prospect for the use of innovative technologies is the author’s personal opinion, with a certain aim to intrigue and provoke the readers to think actively.