No. 6




Making leadership of the nation simpler and more understandable

  • Siim Kallas

    Vice-President of the European Commission

The whole world faces the need to reappraise its convictions in the field of economy, foreign policy, national defense, demographics and many other areas. The Prime Minister proposes entrusting the Riigikogu to supervise the State Audit Office, which should be transformed into a body controlling the actions of the government. A review board should be selected from MPs; it would appoint an official who would serve as chief inspector.

The PM also believes the attorney general should be transferred to the judicial branch of government, under the Supreme Court. It would give the judiciary an additional asset in ensuring the effectiveness of the justice system and work out issues to a degree not possible today.

The writer also focuses at length on the institution of president. He speculates what might happen if the president were given the duties of head of government, bearing in mind the importance of ensuring that ministers carry out their duties well so that the prime minister would not have to redo anything. This arrangement would simplify every aspect of foreign relations. The relationship between representation and responsibility would also be clearer.

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