No. 47




What Will the Near Future of NATO Bring?

07 June 2023


RiTo No. 47, 2023

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has disrupted the order of international rela-tions that developed after the Second World War. For the first time since 1945, an open conventional war is once again raging in Europe.

Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing war in Ukraine, return to the situation before the war is unlikely. Russia’s ambitions are no longer the concern of only the countries of NATO’s eastern flank. NATO has to ask what else Russia is capable of.

On the other hand, the People’s Republic of China is beginning to shift from sneaky tactics to forceful moves to increase its global influence. From NATO’s point of view, China wants to control key technological and industrial sectors, critical infrastructure, strategic materials and supply chains. Economic experts predict that, within the next decade, China’s economy will reach a level that is equal to the sum of the US and EU economies.

Looking further into the future, it is not impossible that we will return to a time of wars over natural resources.The nature of warfare has not changed. Technological tools offer new opportu-nities for creative barbarians.NATO must be able to avoid polarisations within the organisation. The purpose of the daily work of NATO Headquarters and the International Staff in Brussels is to reach mutually satisfactory compromises between the 31 member states in hund-reds and thousands of documents.