No. 13




Information Management: an Inseparable Part of Crisis Management

13 June 2006


RiTo No. 13, 2006

  • Eleka Rugam-Rebane

    Government information adviser, Tallinn University Information Sciences Department, Ph.D. candidate

Information shortage is a common problem in crisis situations and is especially heightened in the context of time pressure.

There may not necessarily be anything known about a crisis or a great many insignificant facts which tend to interfere with decision-making rather than aiding it. That is why people who study crises emphasize that a successful outcome to a crisis depends on readiness at all levels, including the information level. Mapping problems related to information behavior and information management makes it possible to better prepare for crisis situations. First and foremost, this means contributing to the development of the relevant information sources and outlets that may prove necessary in a crisis situation.

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