No. 9




More on science, creative work

14 June 2004


RiTo No. 9, 2004

The essay is a new look at problems described in a previous essay (RiTo 3/2001, 105-109).

The EU science policy documents (Lisbon, Barcelona) have envisaged the route to a competitive knowledge-based society in Europe. Further analysis and case studies (Finland, Sweden) have revealed many obstacles on this route including the shortage of manpower. Despite a rather well-structured strategy, “Knowledge-Based Estonia,” Estonia has fallen behind schedule in its planned activities. The new government initiative, “Estonian Progress 2014”, is the next step toward envisaging future activities. The Estonian Academy of Sciences has proposed to define the role of research more broadly including all of its aspects – general knowledge, education, technology, society and culture. The most important idea is to create such conditions that young people will wish to realize their ambitions in Estonia. For that purpose, universities and other research institutions should be strong. The quality requirements concerning research, education and applications are essential.

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