No. 9




The Role of the Executive Branch in the European Union’s Decision-making Process

14 June 2004


RiTo No. 9, 2004

As a new member of the EU, it is natural that Estonian civil servants are only still learning to discern the nuances of the European Union’s decision-making process and are amassing experience and contacts.

As a small state, successful participation in making of decisions is a big challenge for the Estonian executive branch. The chance to contribute to the dialogue in the forming of European decisions has placed greater responsibility and new obligations in front of the government. During the last year, a time when Estonia was participating in decision-making as an observer member, we have received invaluable experience, on the strength of which our visibility and the quality of our positions has improved markedly. The government’s European policy has been discussed thoroughly and the necessary administrative changes have been made: a system for coordinating EU issues has been developed and the legal framework for forming positions has been worked out.

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