No. 19




The ISE database of Estonian articles

  • Külli Solo

    Leading Specialist, the National Library of Estonia, parliamentary information centre

On 2 January 2009 the new database of Estonia articles, Index Scriptorum Estoniae (ISE), at was opened to users.

This database, the result of cooperation between 12 libraries in the ELNET Consortium, contains articles from newspapers, magazines and journals, serial publications and anthologies and collections from the 1990s on allowing the full-text to be accessed in free digital archives and Web publications. The database is free of charge and can be used in Estonian or English. In essence, articles are categorized into the following thematic databases: education, humanities, language and literature, art, music, theatre, film, social sciences, nature and physical science, medicine and health care, rural economy and the environment, sport, tourism, leisure time, technology, industry, construction, IT. Searches can be conducted by author, title, publication, word, keyword or publication date. The bibliography includes nearly 420 serial publications and magazines, in addition nearly 100 Estonian- and Russian-language dailies, weeklies and county newspapers. One should take into consideration that some Russian-language articles (older period) were transliterated, newer ones appear in Cyrillic. About 200 new articles are added to the database each day.

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