No. 16




Personnel expenses of state institutions must be transparent

19 December 2007


RiTo No. 16, 2007

  • Tarmo Kriis

    Chairman, Estonian Employers´ Confederation

Employers in the private sector do not consider it right that, at state budget negotiations, the Ministry of Finance is presented with a plan for additional hiring of new officials, which it is not planned to fulfil later.

A number of vacant positions are planned in ministries´ area of administration – in other words, “dead souls” or “empty holes” that are financed from the state budget but will not be physically filled by anyone. Instead of writing the resources left over from unfilled positions to reserve or transferring them to the next fiscal year, state institutions are using the resources as suits their purposes. This kind of planning of personnel expenses has become the target of strong criticism. Employers are especially bothered by the fact that the state does not wish to rectify the situation in any way and trading of “empty holes” is considered a normal phenomenon.

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