No. 35




Looking ahead in regard to the Presidency

08 June 2017


RiTo No. 35, 2017

Essentially the problems of the European Union are not different from the problems faced by each democratic state. There are people who enjoy the open world and also get material benefit from it. And there are people who have lost the foothold that used to seem secure, and ask – what will become of me? The European Union should help the second category of people to cope better with their lives. But unfortunately they think that this union is the cause of all their problems.

However, people hold the supreme power in Europe. For many, it is not understandable why it is so that when you vote at the elections in Estonia and choose between, for example, Ossinovski and Ratas, the decisions will be made Juncker and Merkel, whom they have never had the possibility to support or be against. And if one still remembers the colonial times that existed years ago, and Farages who tell clear lies are at hand, then it is no wonder that a referendum results in Brexit. And only then do people start to think about what they have done.

Quite selfishly, I like Estonia’s role of the Presidency if only because it will widen our knowledge of the European Union.