No. 5




Public Values of Estonian Demographic Policy, 1997-2001

14 June 2002


RiTo No. 5, 2002

  • Mare Ainsaar

    Mare Ainsaar

    Associate Professor in Sociology and Social Policy, University of Tartu

The article analyses how Estonia’s two largest dailies covered values used in implementing policy from 1997-2001.

The analysis assumed that media was balanced and reflected opinions of different interest groups. It emerged that Estonia’s public population policy is balanced between two opposing sets of values – ensuring economic efficiency and security. At the same time the values differ from sector to sector. The popularity of values are formed by political factors, political topics of the day, and general public opinion. The article analyses public policy and does not presume to cover all political values. For an objective analysis of real policy, an analysis of actual decisions and documents from the same time period would have to be appended.

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