No. 39



No. 39, June 2019

Focus: State Reform in Estonia

The Need for State Reform and Proposals of the Foundation for State Room Raivo Vare

Expectations and Challenges of Riigikogu Study Committee Andres Herkel

Fundamentals of Good Administration as the Reform of a Member of the Riigikogu Alar Kilp

Online Elections: Confidence and Turnout Mihkel Solvak

The Price of Social Resource and the Opportunities of a Cohesive Society Aimar Altosaar

Legislative Drafts Providing for Direct Election of the President of the Republic in the Riigikogu 1993–2016 Ero Liivik

Elections of the Riigikogu – Some Generalisations Rein Toomla

Summaries of articles are in English.

Full articles in Estonian

Editor-in-Chief’s Column

  • If the Estonian State is a House, then What Kind of a House?

    Certainly, the Estonian state was not built on an empty space. Neither in 1918 when the state emerged from local governments, nor in 1991 when the foundation and solid plans of the state were still there. True, we largely used whatever material we could get back then, and some things have changed in the process, and of course life has moved on. However, people’s expectations are still generally the same. People want to live their lives in peace, to rear children and build their houses. For that, the state must provide protection, and help from time to time as the situation allows; it would be nice to have warm rooms, and a sufficiently large living room is needed where the inhabitants could meet each other.

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