No. 25




The Riigikogu and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

  • Marko Mihkelson

    Marko Mihkelson

    Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu, Pro Patria Union

The Parliamentary Assembly of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is a forum that unites the parliaments and politicians of its member states and primarily performs an advisory function.

In 1991–2003, Estonia had the status of an associate member in the Assembly. Since 2004 the Riigikogu is represented there by a three-member delegation. The delegation of the Riigikogu has proven that we are serious and equal members of the Assembly. Sven Mikser, member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly since spring 2003, has been the head of the Subcommittee on Transatlantic Cooperation of the Defence and Security Committee and has been elected Vice-President of the Assembly. Mikser was also the rapporteur of the Assembly during the preparation of the new Strategic Concept of NATO, and was elected the Chief Rapporteur of Defence and Security Committee at the annual session of 2010. Thus the Estonian delegation has been quite visible in the activities of the Assembly. NATO Parliamentary Assembly plenary session took place in Tallinn on 25–28 May 2012. Besides the delegations of 26 Member States, politicians from 13 states with associate member status, European Parliament and international parliamentary organisations, associated partner delegations of Mediterranean region from Algeria, Jordan and Morocco and visiting politicians from Kosovo and the Mediterranean Assembly took part in the Session.

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