No. 20




Looking Back at the Beginning of Riigikogu Toimetised and a Modest Wish

  • Aare Kasemets

    Aare Kasemets

    Editor-in-Chief of Riigikogu Toimetised issues 1–3

The idea behind the publication was conceived and made a reality as a sideline, just like many institutions of the Estonian state were built, both in our era and before our time.

The first issues of the periodical provide a look at the initial objectives and the good intentions at its outset. Considering the fact that Estonian society and the potential readership is relatively limited, it did not seem wise to create a publication that would focus narrowly on law and politics or policy-making. It was important, and continues to be so, that the pages of the publication convey perspectives from representatives of the Riigikogu and other constitutional institutions as well as Estonian universities, government agencies and the more active companies and NGOs. For that reason, the editorial board of the Riigikogu Toimetised has sought to involve experts from different fields, as there is probably no longer any walk of life in Estonia that is not regulated – and no “white area for free people”, that is not directly or indirectly impacted by legislation adopted by the Riigikogu. We are free people not just in a free country, but in a country regulated democratically via Riigikogu elections. The author recommends that the travelling exhibition “101 political caricatures” and a political cartooning competition, which appeared in Estonia’s major newspapers over the course of a year, continue to be organized.

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