Toomas Hendrik Ilves

MP and European Parliament observer, Mõõdukad



  • The Grand Enlargement and the Great Wall of Europe

    11 June 2003


    RiTo No. 7, 2003

    I would like to focus here on a development of central importance both for Europe and its partners elsewhere, for which planning has been intricately detailed in some areas, myopically absent in others: the new Europe we shall inhabit beginning the first of May, 2004.

    *This article is a thoroughly revised version of the report that was presented for the first time on 11 September 2002 in London at the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. I would like to thank the Embassy of Great Britain in Tallinn for their support.

    Russia was not able to comprehend the essence of the Schengen Agreement when it raised the dispute about Kaliningrad in 2002. The issue which Russia interpreted as a visa requirement imposed against Russia is actually nothing else but a random side requirement of Europe without internal borders, which the citizens of the European Union support in every way, and it has nothing to do with the problem of Russia.

  • Estonia’s Main Foreign Policy Priorities

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ilves pointed out three strategic directions of Estonian foreign policy.

    *The full version of the speech is available on the homepage of the Estonian Foreign Ministry at the following address: