No. 8




The social contract must focus on the main goal

18 December 2003


RiTo No. 8, 2003

  • Märt Rask

    Märt Rask

    Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Estonia

As long as not all parties represented in parliament are participating in the process of entering into a social contract under way in Estonia, we can only talk of a social contract initiative, not of a forum that will determine the main direction of travel for Estonian society.

Why the three large parliamentary parties did not sign the contract requires further analysis. But one reason is likely the unacceptable final text of the contract. A society cannot agree on seven different and competing objectives and strive to fulfill them all at once. In addition to the fact that the objectives must be placed into a hierarchy and on a timeline, the contract’s main priority must be worded in order to be clear to every adult member of society with no additional explanation. Unfortunately, both the objective and the target of the social agreement lacks clarity, The method of achieving the goals is also unclear.

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