No. 4




The Media and Democracy

19 December 2001


RiTo No. 4, 2001

Democracy is impossible without free press. This is what media theoreticians, political scientists and commentators tell us. But this consensus brings up new questions: what kind of free press does democracy need, and why does it need it?

Media has its vital political, social, economic and cultural tasks to implement in a modern society. It is the main mediator of information and opinions, and as such, it is the key to the hearts of the participating and self-governing body of citizens. Democracy implies a media system that offers a wide spectrum of information, opinions and analyses on important issues to the citizens, and reflects differences found in society. In Estonia, the liberal model of publicity does not work; the activity of journalistic publications is not in compliance with the democratic principles, which is the foundation of the Estonian constitutional system. In such a situation, the competition among coverage of current affairs needs the support and guarantee from the institutions of a state of law.

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