No. 45




Quo Vadis, Academy of Security Sciences?

06 June 2022


RiTo No. 45, 2022

  • Triinu Kaldoja

    Triinu Kaldoja

    Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Vice-Rector of Development and Innovation

The Academy of Security Sciences is the starting point of Estonia’s security. It is a school for hopeful or already active rescue officers, rescue organisers, police officers, prison or customs officers, or researchers in the field.

The studies as well as the research and development work take place in four colleges and the Internal Security Institute of the Academy. Specialised professionals are educated in the Rescue College, Financial College, College of Justice, and Police and Border Guard College, while the Internal Security Institute offers master’s degree programmes. In total, the Academy has nearly 1,000 students each year, with 10,000 taking part in its in-service training courses.

The Academy of Security Sciences is governed by the Ministry of the Interior and is unique in the global context because all the studies regarding internal security in Estonia have been brought under one organisation. The Academy has a vision of becoming the best study and research centre of internal security in Europe by 2025. For this end, it is making efforts to ensure the best quality of studies with strong emphasis on methodology, requesting and assessing feedback, innovation, and applied research.

One of the key fields of research and development is creating innovative solutions for learning.

In future education, simulation-based methods, blended learning, micro-degrees, crash courses offered in non-traditional conditions, international studies, and other innovative solutions will play an important role.

The Remote Monitoring Research and Development Centre was established four years ago with the goal of becoming the central national competence centre in the field of unmanned robotic systems and creating the conditions for the integration of research and development results into the services and education of the field, as well as offering formal and continuing education.

The Academy of Security Sciences carries a heavy and challenge-filled responsibility to serve the Estonian society by developing the field of internal security on the basis of research and evidence.