No. 7




Networks Lead to Cooperation

11 June 2003


RiTo No. 7, 2003

  • Jaanika Sõmmer

    Tallinn City Council Office, Documentation Department senior specialist

  • Kristi Meinvald

    Ministry of the Environment, Strategy and Investment Department specialist

Even though a great volume of operations and development plans have been drawn up in Estonia over the last few years, making them official in government has been a complicated affair.

Many of them have not had a clearly identifiable effect on society. The reasons are many, starting from the fact that the planned policy does not meet the needs of society, and ending with the fact that some unforeseeable circumstances kept the plans from coming to life. One of the reasons for unimplemented policy can be the omission of key, competent people from strategy planning. In the last few years these people have finally understood the necessity of common activity and, forming networks, have set to shaping policies together. Sure, it is hard and time-consuming to reach consensus by network, but the result, once achieved, is as legitimate as can be.

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