No. 2




Efforts on the National Level to Fight Drugs

31 October 2000


RiTo No. 2, 2000

  • Andres Siplane

    Andres Siplane

    Chief Specialist, Department of Sanctions and Strategic Export Control, Ministry of Foreign

The article pays attention to the need for cooperation between all areas of fight against drug addiction, and sets out to compare the efficiency of this cooperation.

On the basis of sources of the Estonian Forensic Expertise and Criminalistics Centre, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Police Board, the author presents data on the preventive activity and elimination of consequences, and points at the need for preventive activity among young people and minors. The author finds that the methods used for this activity until now have been vague, and consequently their efficiency is hard to measure. The author also finds that the oft-criticised “Just say no!” solution offered by Nancy Reagan could actually be a considerable prevention model, but in order that a minor could say “No!” he or she must be able find own reasons to justify the decision for himself or herself20.

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Andres Siplane, born 1974, social worker, Tallinn Pedagogical University 1999, MA studies 1999-. Work: social welfare service of Pärnu City Government 1995-2000, adviser at the economic and social information department of the Riigikogu Chancellery 2000-. Affiliation: Pärnu Child Protection Society, Society of Foster Families in Pärnu County, Estonian Volunteer Centre.