No. 23




The Development of Police through Times

15 June 2011


RiTo No. 23, 2011

Since its creation the police has undergone significant changes.

An unschooled military organisation of artisans has in developed countries become an educated and research-based community centred civilian organisation. The article deals with three issues that have helped ensure the development of the police. The changes of paradigm in the attitude towards education, military character and legitimacy are of symbolic meaning. In nearly 200 years, noteworthy changes have taken place in these issues. The place and role of police in society have developed remarkably. The police organisations are representing the interests of the society more, and they are more diverse, which has significantly helped develop fight against crime. Community-centred police relies on cooperation with the community which not only reduces crime, but also fear of crime. By making changes of direction in the issues discussed in the article, it is possible to change the nature of organisations in the desired direction.

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